Quick tips for skin care in winter

Sitting in your balcony or you garden with a cup of tea, basking in the sun is such a good feeling
in winter. But this can dehydrate your skin and increase tanning. So do not forget to moisturize
your face and body as well as apply a sunscreen liberally on the face, neck, arms and legs before
you indulge in sun basking.

Here are some important skin care tips for you in winter .

  • Avoid hot water showers. Over-exposure to hot water can dry your skin even more.
  • After bath, apply a moisturising lotion on the entire body on slightly moist skin in order to trap the moisture within the skin
  • Avoid alcohol based toners & astringents in winter as they will further dry the skin.
  • Avoid licking or pursing your lips. Salivacan increase chapping of lips.
  • Use a fragrance freelip balm or ghee to keep your lips hydrated.
  • Include flax seeds, almonds, walnuts, salmon, mackerals in your diet. These are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids & will help to keep the skin hydrated.
  • Use ghee or cooking oil on your palms before cooking or cutting vegetables to protect your skin from food acids
  • Always moisturize your hands after washing them
  • A moisturizer should be applied before a sunscreen and after your night serum
  • Do not forget to moisturize your neck, arms, legs, hands, feet, chest and back apart from your face
  • Coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil can be used as bedtime moisturisers for your body
  • Room heaters and air conditioners dehydrate the skin. The key is to moisturize more than once in a day

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