Dark circles under the eyes give the impression of tiredness all the time. Under eye darkness can be a combination of different factors such as :

  • Thinner skin on the lower eyelids, allowing pigment and vessels to be more visible.
  • Gravity, which causes under eye skin to move downward, inviting more stretching and thinning. This allows the blood vessels and pigment to become more visible.
  • Cumulative sun damage plays a significant role. Sun damage exacerbates these characteristics by increasing skin thinning and melanin content.
  • Inflammation, atopic dermatitis.
  • Hereditary origins.
  • Due to stress or even eye strain.

Using the combination of arginine and lactic acid peels along with vitamin C serum helps to reduce dark circles in 8-10 sessions done at 2 weekly intervals. The peel is very safe and is an office procedure. There are no tell tale signs and the person can go back to work immediately after the peel.

Q switch Nd Yag laser such as Spectra XT laser can also be used to treat dark circles and fine lines under the eyes. About 4 treatments are needed once in a month.

Sunken eyes can also create an effect of dark circles due to a shadowing effect. In such cases, a hyaluronic acid filler can be used to fill the hollow under eyes thus getting rid of the shadow and the apparent dark circles.