Dermalift is a radiofrequency system that is used for non surgical face lift. It is used to treat aging and sun-damaged skin by delivering deep intense heat without harming the epidermis (skin surface).

How does Dermalift work?
The deeper layer of the skin i.e. the dermis is heated uniformly via a radiofrequency energy without damaging the surface of skin. This leads to immediate collagen contraction followed by gradual collagen tightening. The heating action promotes the growth of new collagen over time. This causes lax & sagging skin to tighten.

What is the procedure?
The face is thoroughly cleaned & make up removed. A cryogen or ice pack is applied on the area to be treated. This is followed by application of a gel. The radiofrequency pulses are then shot rapidly to cover the entire area. Time required depends on the size of the area & may range from 20mins to 60mins. One may feel warm or may get a mild burning sensation during the procedure. Ice packs are applied post treatment. The patient is likely to experience some redness and swelling after the procedure. Redness may last 1-2 hours, but occasionally lasts for a few days. Swelling is usually mild-moderate, but lasts longer – usually about 3-7 days. Some patients may have numbness for a few hours or for a day or two.

Is it painful?
Each time the device is pulsed there is a brief sensation of intense heat in the skin. An anesthetic cream applied before the procedure helps to alleviate patient discomfort. Also, the surface temperature of the skin is reduced by using ice packs or cryogen spray before, during and after the application of heat.

What precautions does one need to take after the procedure?
There is no special precaution to be taken after undergoing Dermalift. One can resume normal activities immediately after the treatment. There is no downtime required. One may avoid direct sun exposure as a part of good skin care regime. When will I see results? During the first 30 days, there is contraction of connective tissue-i.e., collagen & elastic tissue, creating a firmer looking zone to the treated area. Over a 6 months period, there is new collagen & elastic tissue formed thus there is gradual improvement in firmness & contour of the skin. In patients with loose skin, results are seen faster. In patients with more fat, results are slow. Secondly, the layer of fat is not affected by RF, so flabbiness due to fat persists even after treatment.

How many treatments will I need?
5-6 treatments at an interval of 2-4weeks is enough to give results.

How long will the effects of the procedure last?
Though Dermalift has come to India for the first time, it has been in existence since 2000 in the US. Those who were treated at that time have shown consistent results with no deterioration since then. So, we know that Dermalift lasts at least this long. A touch up treatment can be done after 2-3 years if required.

Can I combine Dermalift with other treatment options?
Yes, you can undergo eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) for baggy eyelids, botox to improve deep wrinkles, chemical peel for pigmentation.

What are the benefits of Dermalift?
Dermalift will provide the following benefits in most people: Tighter skin over face, chin & neck, tightened jawline, higher eyebrows softer forehead lines, scowl lines, crow’s feet, nasolabial crease. Thus, it makes one look younger & have beautiful & smoother skin. One has a natural & presentable appearance right after the treatment that just gets better over the next 3 to 6 months. Unlike laser treatments, Dermalift works just as well on people with darker skin types as those with light skin types.

What are the limitations of Dermalift?
Dermalift will tighten the skin but will not change the blotchy uneven skin texture, pigmentation, moles or vessels. Although RF300 is called a “non-surgical face lift,” it is not a substitute for a surgical face lift though it will give considerably good results. Secondly, the dynamic process of aging cannot be stopped. So, one does require a maintenance treatment after 2-3yrs.