Soprano ice & Mediostar Diode : We have both these lasers for hair removal and can proudly boast that they are the best lasers for Indian skin, White skin , thick hair and thin hair .

Soprano Ice: A hair removal laser that makes hair removal comfortable for the patient and the provider – finally!

The next generation of the award-winning hair removal laser, the Soprano® ICE features a fast, cool treatment for the patient.

How is it different from other lasers used for hair removal ?
Faster treatment times: The Soprano ICE can operate at 10 hertz per second, creating one of the fastest treatment times in the world.
Additional cooling to minimize patient discomfort: Let’s face it, patients won’t come back if the treatment hurts. Soprano ice will make sure you leave our clinic with a good – and virtually painless – story to tell. It is a virtually painless treatment without the use of anesthesia or numbing gels.
Permanent hair reduction of all pigmented hair on all skin types, including tanned skin all year round.
It has both diode and alexandrite technologies, hence good for fine hairs and resistant hairs too.

Laser Hair Removal (for hirsutism)

Virtually your entire body is covered with hair. Because most of this hair is fine and pale, it usually isn’t viable to the naked eye.

But, when darker, coarser hair appears in places which may make you uncomfortable – like on the face, neck, abdomen, breast, legs or underarms in women or on the shoulders chest and back in men, it may be time to consider hair removal with the laser.

What is laser hair removal?
Hair removal temporary or long term has become an easier task with advent of lasers. Largely, laser hair removal gives excellent results in fair skinned people. Listed below are a few lasers used for hair removal.

  • Long pulsed Nd YAG
  • long pulsed Alexandrite laser
  • Long pulse diode
  • Super hair removal system

The lasers are absorbed by hair follicle and spares other skin appendages. Cooling devices further prevent the heat damage to rest of the skin. Laser hair removal needs multiple sessions. Re-growth of hair after each session may take from 3 months to up to a year where latter is considered as a ‘very good result’. The re-growth is thinner, slower and scantier after each session

How does hair removal laser work?
The laser has a wavelength that specifically targets the pigment ‘melanin’ contained in the hair follicle & shaft. It penetrates the skin to the depth of 1.5mm which is where the hair bulb is located. Thus, it works on the principle of selective ‘photothermolysis’. The laser pulses for a fraction of a second, penetrates the hair bulb without destroying the surrounding skin & vaporizes the pigment in the hair follicle. Thus, the follicle is either destroyed or its re-growth is impeded. This is a non- invasive procedure & a large number of hairs are targeted in a single flash of light.

Is it painful?
During the treatment, patient may experience a mild stinging sensation described by most as snapping of a rubber-band. However, most patients tolerate this. Also, a chill tip cooling hand piece is incorporated in the laser which protects the surrounding skin & reduces pain too. A local anaesthetic gel may be applied to those who are very sensitive to pain.

Before after images :