Tiny lines or wrinkles usually appear from the corner of the eyes and these lines are called crow’s feet. They are actually expression lines that are seen due to the muscle movement when one is laughing or smiling. Crow’s feet occur due to aging or due to stress and pollution which play havoc on the skin over a period of time. Smoking is another big reason for developing crow’s feet at an early age. Crow’s feet look natural when there are one or two. But when these lines increase in number, the person starts looking older. That is when the crow’s feet need to be addressed. We should aim at reducing the number of lines and this can be done with the help of tiny units of botulinum toxin (Botox/ Xeomin/ Dysport/ Nabota) injections. So you must go to the right kind of dermatologist or cosmetic physician who will just give you the right amounts of botox to make the crow’s feet disappear in such a way that the eyes look soft and natural.