This gem of a book is a comprehensive compilation that will take you from the essentials of self-preservation to the most complex layered technology services available, and everything in between

Amitabh Bachchan
Actor, in Skin Rules

Your skin at times can be your arch-nemesis, working against you and becoming something you constantly need to be aware of and wary of. When someone like Jaishree enters your life, you feel like you have won the skin battle! She makes the cure painless and immediately effective—it’s an “ageless” bond and your skin’s BFF for life.

Karan Johar
Director, in Skin Rules

I am an old man but I look more presentable and younger than I did twenty years ago! The complete credit goes to none other than my darling DrJaishree Sharad! She believes in care and cure and not commercial viability, and that makes her one in a million!

Annu Kapoor
Actor, in Skin Rules

Jaishree is so knowledgeable about the latest developments in skincare that makes it easier for you to look younger and fresher. There is no one better than her to write a book on skincare because we want our outer beauty to match the inner beauty’.

Farah Khan
Director, in Skin Rules

I get dark circles when I don’t sleep . . . I get sunburnt and my skin peels when I spend the day on the beach . . . I break out into pimples and acne when I’m stressed . . . But as a film star, I’ve gotta always look like I’ve walked out of a magazine cover! That’s when I realized great skin doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment . . . DrJaishree is my one-stop shop. Forget the camera, she’s the reason I look into the mirror!

Ranbir Kapoor
Actor, in Skin Rules

As an actor, I am always on the move, working with few hours of sleep and a schedule which is not skin-friendly. Jaishree is my instant cure for any skin problem. Whether I get any scar or pimple or mark, she is “Dr Solve It” for me.

Varun Dhawan
Actor, in Skin Rules

One thing I have noticed is that the oxygen facials at Dr J’s Skinfiniti work well when you drink a lot of water, get good sleep and take vitamin C.

Jacqueline Fernandez
Actor, in Skin Rules

I had pimples and scars on my face all my life and I struggled with them. Then I met Dr J and she did her magic. Now I smile and have dimples instead of pimples. I also have the pleasure of knowing this beautiful being personally.

Amit Sadh
Actor, in Skin Rules

Jaishree is undoubtedly one of the best in the business. She is not of those who constantly highlight the flaws in our features and lure us into trying new treatments. She will do only what is necessary and knows when to stop, so I feel completely safe in her hands. I have a very sensitive skin, so I do not like doing too much to it, but her mesotherapy treatment once a month is a must for me. Being good at work is great, but for me being a good human always comes first— and Jaishree is one of the nicest, most genuine, caring and positive souls I have come across, and I love her even more for that. I am so proud of all her achievements.

Shamita Shetty
Actor, in Skin Rules

I’ve been visiting Dr J’s clinic for several years now . . . and there’s no one else I trust with my skin. She doesn’t believe in extreme and radical treatments. She is so quick and accurate with her diagnosis. I have sensitive skin and face various skin issues. I make it a point to keep her in the loop and see her twice a month. With very little downtime and the lack of appropriate treatments, as well as spot- on advice, she is the best. Instead of self-medicating and trying to find solutions on the Internet, try and make an appointment with your dermatologist. Otherwise you could permanently damage your skin. Sometimes a healthy diet and lifestyle aren’t enough. You need a qualified professional to look at your skin and an equally skilful pair of hands to do your skin treatments.

Harshvardhan Kapoor
Actor, in Skin Rules

I have always taken my skin for granted and treated it like an outward part of my body. Jaishree taught me the importance of loving my skin and nourishing it—that less is always more. She is my go-to person in times of panic because she can cure with immediate effect and calm my nerves too.

Athiya Shetty
Actor, in Skin Rules

Dr J has been my skin saviour. Before every shoot, I consult her on the best possible skin routine to follow depending on the weather conditions I am shooting in. I remember calling her after I got badly sunburnt during a particular schedule and was in tears and she sorted me out immediately. I have sensitive skin and it reacts to changes in weather and my diet a lot. Thanks to her, my skincare routine has become really easy!

Huma Qureshi
Actor, in Skin Rules

I’m yet to come across a more passionate and well-informed doctor. The medical profession is perhaps one of a kind where the process of learning never stops. That’s where I think DrJaishree Sharad scores the most. I know her now since 2009, and as we have evolved in age, she has evolved in methods and techniques.

Nikhil Dwivedi
Actor and Producer, in Skin Rules

I’ve been Dr J’s patient since 2015. I used to suffer from pimples and dull skin. Today my skin glows and is pimple-free thanks to Jaishree and her easy procedures. The peels she has done on my skin have worked wonders. More importantly, the stem cell PRP hair treatment has really helped me battle my hair loss issues.

Amyra Dastur
Actor, in Skin Rules

As a guy in his early twenties, I never really thought of going to a dermatologist. But after my first session with DrJaishree, I realized how much I could and should take care of my skin. From the word go she made me comfortable and confident in my own skin. The “Skinfiniti Signature clean-up” is my personal favourite. I always leave the clinic feeling revitalized and rejuvenated.

Aadar Jain
Actor, in Skin Rules

I make sure that I drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits because it keeps my skin fresh and hydrated. Applying aloe vera on my skin also works like magic! Sleep is important too but when sometimes work does not give you the sleep your body requires, break-outs or skin reactions do happen. But the good thing is that Jaishree will always be available and ready to help.

Elli Avram
Actor, in Skin Rules

You’re the best doc, and thank you helping me out with my skin.

Karan Kapadia
Actor, in Skin Rules

For someone who backpacks often and is not diligent with skincare or beautification, it was a blessing to meet DrJaishree. She simplified things and helped me understand the essence of skincare through the most essential and non-fussy of regimens. I deeply admire her positive energy and warmth. She is a slice of home.

Sobhita Dhulipala
Actor, in Skin Rules

Healthy and glowing skin is very important for a person’s confidence. I try to be as natural as I can and always vouch for home remedies like besan or yogurt packs once in a while. I believe in cleansing my skin well and getting rid of all the make-up before sleep and letting it breathe overnight. Also, drinking water to keep your skin hydrated is really important. Skin tips from Dr J and basic peels and face packs at Skinfiniti have also changed the way my skin looks and feels.

Priya Banerjee
Actor, in Skin Rules

Love J! She is the best.

Shekhar Ravjiani
Musician, in Skin Rules

She is the best doctor in the world! I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Fantastic dermatologist, an amazing person and my best friend.

Namrata Dutt Kumar
Social Worker, in Skin Rules

It has been more than ten years and Jaishree is the only dermatologist I trust with any skin issue—not only me but my family and friends too. Today, she is a world-renowned doctor and that is a huge achievement.

Ehsaan Noorani
Music Composer, in Skin Rules

I always had a decent skin—clear with occasional break-outs. But when I started with my first film, my face suddenly broke out. Every doctor I visited gave me hundreds of expensive products—my skin only got worse. It was then that I met DrJaishree. She took time to understand what my skin was like before I started acting and immediately realized that the new make-up was the culprit. It was so simple yet no one else before had realized it. I switched make-up brands, stopped using all the unnecessary products and saw an immediate improvement. She gave me a simple routine (cleanser and moisturizer) and with regular clean- ups at her clinic, my skin has been better! I love her because she never pushes products on you and only addresses your concern in simple and effective ways. The fact that she is one of the sweetest people is also a plus!

Kalyani Priyadarshan
Actor, in Skin Rules

What can I say about Jaishree Sharad? As a person she is one of the loveliest people I know. She is kind and gentle. She has a lovely smile. She’s always happy and full of life. Even when she is not, she appears to be. As a doctor she is someone whom I can trust wholeheartedly. There are lots of times when I want to do treatments but she doesn’t let me because she says I don’t need it. I think that is one of her best qualities—that she doesn’t force you to do anything. She looks at your face, evaluates it and then decides what kind of treatment is needed. She doesn’t sell you anything. I can tell you that my face has never looked better and it’s all thanks to her. Thank you, doctor. I love you.

Yasmin Karachiwala
Celebrity Fitness Expert, in Skin Rules

Jaishree is my best friend, guide and go-to person for everything. She is one person I can truly trust with closed eyes. She is also a fantastic doctor. Thank you, Jaishree, for always putting up with me. I am so proud of you.

Riddhima Kapoor
Designer, in Skin Rules

J is not only my go-to person when I need skin advice, she is a dear friend too. I wish her all the best for Skin Rules’—Poorna Patel ‘When you feel good, you look good. That happens when you meet DrJaishree. She is such a warm and positive person, her smile and kindness makes you feel good even before you start the treatment. I have the confidence that she will guide me to choose the right treatments for my skin.

Iulia Vantur
Singer, in Skin Rules

I leave my skincare routine to DrJaishree. Whether it is hydration, diet or oxygen facials, Jaishree knows best. As a doctor, she has no shortcuts to a good and healthy life.

Jitesh Pillai
Editor, in Skin Rules

JS is not just a skin doctor. She is also a skin and mind healer. She heals her patients not just physically but by even instilling self-confidence and happiness in her clients. She is a real-life heroine—a beautiful, giving, caring, compassionate, intelligent and extremely hard-working being whose aura is what I seek when I feel under the weather.

Shalini Sharma
Editor, Entrepreneur, in Skin Rules

My experience with DrJaishree has been a kind of revolution for my skin! It completely changed my perception and understanding of skincare! When I met her for the first time, I had plenty of skin issues being a teenager. After going through several vigorous skincare routines as prescribed by different dermatologists, her guidance was refreshing! She gave me a very simple, basic routine to follow without any heavy medication or treatments and it worked magically! I have a sensitive skin . . . My profession involves travelling to different places, late-night shoots, being under the light for hours and that leads to frequent skin emergencies. Whenever I call her with a skin crisis (break-outs and such), she just tells me, “Calm down, Palak, I’ll sort it out.” Her expertise, warmth and concern make me feel relieved about any skin problem I may have. My skin is in its best form today and it’s only because of her! My skin saviour!

Palak Muchhal
Singer, in Skin Rules

Your expertise and knowledge are always up to the mark and the results prove it each time! I’ve known you for years now and have always had a great experience! And not to forget, your staff is as sweet and nice as you are.

Gaurie Pandit Dwivedi

Expert hands with a human touch! She’s as personal as she is professional. DrJaishree is one of the most passionate, honest and sincere doctors I have come across. I completely trust her with all my worries and concerns and she takes care of them perfectly.

Prithvi Hatte
Actor, in Skin Rules

I took my husband to DrJaishree Sharad and now he looks younger than me. Dr J has magical hands! She is truly the best!

Anupama Kapoor

Jaishree’s dermatology practice is based on a very deep understanding on not just the physiological manifestation of skin problems but the entire emotion / body relationship . It’s a combination of her compassion and her knowledge that makes her special.

Ehsaan Noorani

There are doctors n then there are doctors n then comes somebody like Dr. Jaishree, who works miracles. And that magic that she has comes from being a super human being who genuinely feels for her patients understands them n treats their medical conditions, like a friend! Not only is she highly qualified, and superb at her work, but her magical cures are eradication of her patient’s problems permanently, with empathy!

Karan Oberoi

I have been going to Jaishree for a little over 3 years now and finding a good dermatologist is no less than finding the man you wanna marry!..specially since my work is essentially in front of the camera…I like that Jaishree explains and really takes her time when explaining what the problem is and how it can be fixed and trust me she always fixes them!

Sugandha Garg

I’ve often wondered if Skin Doctors claim so strongly about weaving magic on us, why don’t they look younger than their years themselves? Dr Jaishree certainly scores there and help us instill that confidence in us that we are in capable hands! That in no way undermining her medical expertise which have helped all of us immensely.

Nikhil Dwivedi

Been coming for last 6 years now, one of the most talented Docs ever…More of a friend.

Manish Paul

The most talented, most wonderful & the most lovable!!! Love & Much Love,

Rahul Vaidya

Jaishree you are the greatest!!! Love,

Priya Dutt

All I can say, is I am so glad you are in my life. You are a beautiful person inside out. A fantastic doctor, who I trust completely not only with my skin but with my life. ” DYNAMITE COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES” Thank you for being part of my life. Best wishes always,

Namrata Dutt Kumar

Somebody who’s gifted with the talent & couldn’t have become anything but a superb dermat. Keep it up Jaishree & God Bless!

Kirti Kulhari

I wish I stayed close by; I would have dropped in every day. Jaishree, you make so much of a difference. I feel in safe hands. You Rock!! God Bless!!

Shruti Pathak

DR J, It’s been great knowing you, not only are you a great & fine skin specialist but also a great human being and a very pleasant face, always considered you more a friend than a doc. You have always been very kind & sweet. And tell ya wat… stay the same.

Swati Taldar

Not only are you a fantabulous doctor but also an absolutely wonderful human being. A combination so rare, I feel priviledged to have known you. I have immense respect for you for what you are as a person. Needless to say as a doctor you are surely the best of what i’ve seen. I wish you all the success and happiness and hope that you achieve greater heights. Wishing you the best of everything and more the sweetest person i’ve ever met.

Anusha Mani

U are one magician! And I will address u like this all my life for miraculously making my skin perfect in no time!

Akriti Kakkar

Dearest J,
I am so happy to see you grow from strength to strength. Your love, passion, dedication and committment to your work is commendable.
Blessings!! love always,

Rita Dhody

Dear Dr J,
All the very best. So proud of you. You deserve only incredible things. I am so thankful to you for making my skin glow.
Love you lots & lots, smile & shine always,

Anusha Dandekar

Some people understand what it is to create something special while most others try to get by, content with their mediocrity. You have always belonged to that rare former class of individuals..I am happy for your success and achievements. You have been professional yet understanding and friendly. To much more success and good health,

Adhir Bhatt