As one ages,facial skin becomes thinner and less elastic. Face starts sagging because of gradual loss of elasticity of the supportive structures of the face. Thread Lifts give an ultimate non-surgical solution for face lifting. 
It is a novel procedure that helps to tighten and lifts the sagging skin on the face or body. There are two types of threads : Polydioxanone threads & Silhouette threads.

Polydioxanone threads: These are fine threads which are inserted into the skin in multiples. They stimulate new collagen formation and this helps tighten the skin. Three sessions are generally done at a gap of one month, thereafter the procedure needs to be repeated after 1 year or as individual needs be. This is a completely safe procedure done after anaesthetizing the skin with a topical cream to reduce the discomfort to a minimum. There is no fear of contamination as the threads are completely sterile and get dissolved over time.

Indications: Double chin with lax skin, jawline contouring & tightening, and lifting the sagging skin on the cheeks and around the mouth.

Silhouette threads:  Silhouette Soft® uses a double action effect to restore smoother and more toned skin, but also a more shapely face. To meet this requirement, Silhouette Soft® combines two effects: An immediate repositioning of the tissue and a gradual regeneration of collagen. It is an office procedure where the thread is inserted into the skin along vectors to tighten the skin, be it in the jowls or neck or even cheeks and forehead.

Major advantages of thread lift are:
a) Shorter downtime.
b) Less expensive than a surgical face-lift.
c) Safety of thread procedure is very good.
d) Effect is long lasting.
e) Results are seen in a month and get better over 3 months.