Some patients come to me and say “Doc, my child says that I am constantly angry and he does not like my angry look. But honestly I am not angry as he thinks me to be.” This angry look is due to frown lines. These are lines which are seen between the eyebrows. Sometimes when a person is emoting, these lines look very prominent and it appears as if the person is annoyed or upset or angry, even though the person may be completely calm. These lines happen due to constant frowning, either sometimes the person has poor vision-so person is trying to constantly squint the eye and read something, or when a person is thinking too much or if the person is constantly glaring at the computers. The muscles here called Corrugators, become more and more active and they result in the appearance of these frown lines. Some people like to call it the “Number 11” sign. Frown lines can be made to vanish or reduced with the help of tiny botox injections. The key should be not to overdo it because we do not want to create an expressionless face. So, very tiny amounts of botox are enough to soften and erase these frown lines keeping the expressions.