Jaishree's dermatology practice is based on a very deep understanding on not just the physiological manifestation of skin problems but the entire emotion / body relationship . It's a combination of her compassion and her knowledge that makes her special. - Ehsaan Noorani
I was first recommended to Dr. Jaishree for my skin allergies which she treated and cured instantly. I was so impressed I began seeing her for skin glow therapies, laser hair removal and skin treatments. She has done a fab job maintaining my skin especially as its very sensitive and continuously stressed from my line of work. Her equipment is the latest technology and I feel safe and assured with her all the time. - Jaqueline Fernandes
There are doctors n then there are doctors n then comes somebody like Dr. Jaishree, who works miracles. And that magic that she has comes from being a super human being who genuinely feels for her patients understands them n treats their medical conditions, like a friend! Not only is she highly qualified, and superb at her work, but her magical cures are eradication of her patient’s problems permanently, with empathy! - Karan Oberoi
You are the best in your profession. Thank you for always being there - Sapna Bhavnani
I have been going to Jaishree for a little over 3 years now and finding a good dermatologist is no less than finding the man you wanna marry!..specially since my work is essentially in front of the camera...I like that Jaishree explains and really takes her time when explaining what the problem is and how it can be fixed and trust me she always fixes them! - Sugandha Garg
I've often wondered if Skin Doctors claim so strongly about weaving magic on us, why don't they look younger than their years themselves? Dr Jaishree certainly scores there and help us instill that confidence in us that we are in capable hands! That in no way undermining her medical expertise which have helped all of us immensely. - Nikhil Dwivedi
Been coming for last 6 years now, one of the most talented Docs ever...More of a friend. -Manish Paul
The most Talented, most wonderful & the most Lovable!!! Love & Much Love -Rahul Vaidya
Jaishree you are the greatest!!! Love -Priya Dutt
All I can say, is I am so glad you are in my life. You are a beautiful person inside out. A fantastic doctor, who I trust completely not only with my skin but with my life. " DYNAMITE COMES IN SMALL PACKAGES" Thank you for being part of my life. Best wishes always. - Namrata Dutt Kumar
Somebody who's gifted with the talent & couldn’t have become anything but a superb dermat. Keep it up Jaishree & God Bless - Kirti Kulhari
I wish I stayed close by; I would have dropped in every day. Jaishree, you make so much of a difference. I feel in safe hands. You Rock!! God Bless!! - Shruti Pathak
DR J, It's been great knowing you, not only are you a great & fine skin specialist but also a great human being and a very pleasant face, always considered you more a friend than a doc. You have always been very kind & sweet. And tell ya wat... stay the same - Swati Taldar
Not only are you a fantabulous doctor but also an absolutely wonderful human being. A combination so rare, I feel priviledged to have known you. I have immense respect for you for what you are as a person. Needless to say as a doctor you are surely the best of what i've seen. I wish you all the success and happiness and hope that you achieve greater heights. Wishing you the best of everything and more the sweetest person i've ever met. - Anusha Mani

Implicit trust. Always learning and updating. Love you doc. - Rita Dhody
U are one magician! And I will address u like this all my life for miraculously making my skin perfect in no time! Gratitude   - Akriti Kakkar
Rita Dhody
Dearest J,
I am so happy to see you grow from strength to strength. Your love, passion, dedication and committment to your work is commendable.
Blessings!! love always,- Rita Dhody

Anusha Dandekar
Dear Dr J,
All the very best. So proud of you. You deserve only incredible things. I am so thankful to you for making my skin glow.love you lots & lots, Smile & shine always, Anusha Dandekar
Adhir Bhatt
Some people understand what it is to create something special while most others try to get by ,content with their mediocrity. You have always belonged to that rare former class of individuals..i am happy for your success and achievements. You have been professional yet understanding and friendly. to much more success and good health,
Adhir Bhatt