A few years ago if you wanted a better nose the only option you had would be rhinoplasty ie to go under the knife. But now HA Filler injections are given into the nasal bridge to create a well defined sharp nose. Humps and bumps on the nose or a flat nose can be easily corrected nonsurgically with these fillers.

The effect lasts for up to two years. Nonsurgical nose jobs can’t make a nose smaller, but they can help correct imperfections and camouflage areas that are bothersome. Hyaluronic acid fillers have an advantage over other fillers as they can be dissolved within 2-4 hours should you not like the effect of the filler. When done on the nose, the effect lasts for at least two years.

Bruising is common in those who take aspirin, pain killers, Gingko Biloba, Vitamin E or even a lot of green tea. So it is advisable to stop taking these 5 days before you schedule your filler injection. Bruising may last for up to a week.