Skin pH

The term pH refers to potential of hydrogen it concerns the activity of hydrogen ions.

Ions are molecules that carry a positive or a negative charge in a water-based solution the optimal pH value of skin on most of our face and body lies between 4.7 and 5.75.

A pH of 7 that of pure water is considered to be neutral anything below that is acidic and anything above 7 is alkaline. skins pH is mildly acidic.

skin has a protective film on its surface that’s known as its acid mantle with a pH of 5.5.

The acid mantle plays a vital role by working with skin natural ingredients like ceramides, cholesterol, enzymes, sweat and even our own skin’s oil to protect the skin surface and lower layers from external threads.

This acid mantle protects the skin from damage including sun and wind exposure as well as dehydration. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. If skin’s pH rises into the alkaline range its natural balance is disturbed so the essential epidermal lipids cannot be synthesized, and the skin loses water and dries out in this condition the outer layer of the skin which is the epidermis is no longer able to work as a protective barrier when the skin’s barrier function is compromised it is less resilient and more sensitive to environmental triggers. It can become dry, sensitive or hypersensitive and is susceptible to infections diseases as well as conditions such as atopic dermatitis or even rosacea. Internal factors which affect our skin pH our genetics, biological age and hormones.

The pH of male and female skin differs slightly the average pH of male skin is lower due to the higher rate of sebum production in male skin external factors that can change the skin pH include changes in temperature and humidity, dirt, pollution washing too often, alkaline cosmetics and chemicals.

Skin care products should be pH balanced that is your pH should be between four and seven most branded products are usually pH balanced alkaline products such as foaming cleansers and soaps have a pH of about eight and above and those should be avoided neutral pH cleansers such as cetaphil cleansing lotion or scentsy bio h2o cleansing lotion are safe for the skin if the skin is dry or sensitive post.

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