Can creams help to get rid of sagging skin?

A lot of times people come to me with Sunken eyes, Hollow cheeks, Sagging Jawline, Jowls which are very prominent or the nose is drooping and they wants creams for all this to get corrected.

Now, please understand that the face is made of five layers.


➡️ Fatty layer

➡️ Muscle


➡️ Skin

As we age and due to extrinsic factors like Pollution, Stress, Unhealthy lifestyle, Smoking etc. There is bony resorption, loss of deep fat pockets, thinning of the muscles and weakening of the ligaments which holds everything in place. Thus, the skin does not have support and everything starts to sag downwards.

So when you apply a cream at the most, it has reached the deepest layers of the skin. Creams will prevent further damage to the skin.  But you will need energy based devices or fillers etc to restructure the skin and improve the sagging.

You can watch our youtube video to know about sagging skin

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