Tips to protect hair before heat styling

Tips to protect hair before heat styling

  • Keep blow dry a little distance away from your hair.
  • Try to use the cold setting as often as possible.
  • If possible, use an air dryer. (Do not do it very frequently)
  • Make sure you condition your hair adequately.
  • Always use good hair serums and conditioners which will protect the hair shaft.
  • Do not forget to protect your hair by using either a serum or heat styling protecting spray which contains either panthenol, silicone, dimethicone and that will coat your hair and give added protection.
  • Do not move your hair dryer or your iron, your tong back and forth on that same hair strand because that will give cumulative heat.
  • Use the right kind of conditioner and shampoo.
  • Eat a healthy, high-protein diet.

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