Party Peel Or Glow Peel

You must be wondering what this is ?Yes you’re right you can do this peel just before you go to a party and actually get an instant healthy glow.

The most common question in your head must be- PEELS ? How can I do it just a day before I’m heading out ?

Well, they are different from the stronger chemical peels since they have a low downtime with minimal or almost no evident redness or scaling of skin after the peel.

They are mild and usually composed of fruit extracts and can be done one or two days before you go out for a party or any event you are gearing up for.

So this category includes the Ormedicpeels( aloevera, passion fruit, papaya, pineapple and polypeptides), Lactic acid  peels(derived from sour milk), Malic acid peels (deeived from apple), Arginine peels (derived from brown sugar),  Tartaric peels (derived from grapes) , Buffered glycolic acid peels (derived from sugarcane) and citric acid peels (derived from citrus fruits).

The party peel will give your facial skin a more even tone, improved texture and hydration.

The skin is cleansed, microdermabrasion is an optional choice before we do the peel depending upon the skin type. Micrdermabrasion helps removing the dead skin cells and helps the peel to penetrate better.

A moisturizer and sunscreen application complete the treatment.

What care must you take post this peel ?

Just enough sunscreen, avoiding harsh cleansers, waxing and bleaching.

They keep you looking brighter for about two weeks.

You must see a qualified dermatologist and get the peel under their guidance to avoid any complications.


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